04/11/08 20:31:55 - Our Gift - Update

We have success! I don't know how much they paid, but someone actually took us up on our offer! (And yes, this is actually their box!)
Would you like fries with that?  How about Crocs?

04/11/08 17:51:23 - Our Gift to the World

So our church's youth group is having a fund raiser. They've asked members of the congregation to come up with things they can donate to be sold at a silent auction. In the past, these run the gamut from food (cheesecakes are always popular) to physical goods (last time we bought a chandelier and a bike rack) to services (like the person who offered to detail a car). Here's what we're contributing this year:
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04/08/08 22:12:56 - Foreshadowing?

As you know, Tania's starting to scoot herself around. Here's a quick video. Is it too early to worry about auto insurance premiums...?

Click here for the video

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