01/03/06 07:35:05 - Going Home... pt. III

Aren has finally made it home. We actually drove into town Friday night and have spent the last few days settling in. It’s great to be home, and not just because we don’t have to drive through Texas anymore. (I don’t think I’ll ever hear “Deep in the Heart of Texas” again without getting physically ill.)
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12/22/05 15:02:19 - Going Home... pt. II

The doctors have officially decided that Aren will be able to come home after Christmas. All the way home. We're very excited, and Aren is just about bouncing off the walls at the idea. No funny stories about it right now. I'll add a couple later.
Christmas pic

12/08/05 16:11:40 - Aiming High

Things still seem to be pointing towards Aren being able to come home after Christmas. In preparation for this, we started looking for a new apartment. With the help of a friend, we were able to find a very nice place in our price range.
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