12/13/06 09:17:27 - Odds

The holidays are here again. I realize that Iíve said it before, but these are simultaneously my favorite and most dreaded days of the entire year. As I mentioned here, I get to celebrate the anniversary of Arenís coming home and mourn the anniversary of Lilyís passing. And while I am grateful beyond words that Aren is healthy and dealing with ďnormalĒ kid things, it still hurts that Lily isnít doing the same. Two years ago yesterday Lily left Sierra Vista for the last time, in a Life Flight helicopter ride to Tucson. Thanksgiving was tough because that was when we noticed that she was starting to slide downhill again. (We were visiting family for that holiday, but Lily was hospitalized the day after we returned home.)
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10/05/05 11:25:25 - The Best Policy

One of the dangers of a bone marrow transplant is the risk of infection. As weíre destroying Arenís immune system, it makes it even more difficult for him to fight off infection than it was before. So every Wednesday, in an attempt to catch any infections before they get serious, the nurses take a throat culture, a urine sample and a rectal swab. Today is the first day that heís actually had to do any of this.
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10/04/05 10:37:19 - Irony

I wonder if God built paradox and irony into the world on purpose. Is it a method of teaching us that we canít always trust our first impressions, or just a cosmically twisted sense of humor?
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Chemo - Posted 10/04/05 by Rick

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