07/03/06 15:40:05 - Trouble

Aren had a great time during our little trip. He got to meet Spider-Man, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Rogue. He got to go on tons of great rides and hang out with a Super Bowl MVP. He even got to eat ice cream whenever he wanted (almost) and play his newfound favorite sport – miniature golf – every day. Aren also got to hug some of the great characters at the park, including Mickey Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. But there was one major problem.


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07/03/06 15:38:40 - POWER! POWER!! POWER!!!

Father’s Day this year was pretty low key, as far as attention being focused on Dad goes. My family apparently decided that their presence was enough of a gift and that I should shut up because this week is about Aren. (I wasn’t completely forgotten, though. When we got home, there was a really cool pair of Nike sunglasses waiting for me – courtesy of Kurt. Thanks, Kurt!)

We spent the day at Disney’s MGM Studios Theme Park. The highlight of the day was seeing “Lights, Motors, Action”, a live auto stunt show. It was really cool, seeing all kinds of crazy car stunts performed right there in front of your eyes. The show is based around the filming of a huge car chase in a movie. In addition to watching cars peeling out with unbelievable precision all over the set and seeing some great jumps and explosions, we got to learn a few cool things about how the stunts are done. For example, we learned that the “hero” car is actually a few different cars. Most of the high-speed backwards driving is performed by a vehicle customized so that the driver is actually facing rearwards. We also learned that to provide the torque necessary for the stunts, all of the car engines were replaced by high-powered motorcycle engines and that most of the “drifting” was facilitated by modified emergency brakes that don’t lock so they can be applied and released very quickly.

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07/03/06 15:35:45 - Roller Coasters

Aren took another giant step towards becoming an “Adoolt” (his pronounciation) during our trip. Prior to our little vacation, the biggest roller coaster he had ever ridden was the “Puff Puff” ride at the carnival – the one that is maybe seven feet tall at its peak. On June 17th, he had his baptism by fire.
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