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10/04/05 15:30:00 - Aren Spelling

On the phone recently, Aren said “Hey, Dad, I’m multitasking! I’m eating and playing AT THE SAME TIME!”
Now, it’s funny enough that he knew the word “multitasking”. But you see, in addition to producing all kinds of language uncharacteristic for a slightly-less-than-six-year-old, Aren has a knack for just picking up how words are spelled. He actually pronounced the word (which as far as I can know, he's only heard once) “mool-tee-tasking,” as though he intuitively knew that it was spelled with a “u”, which is usually pronounced “oo”.

Just in case you think that my multitasking 5 ½ year old got lucky, however, here’s another one. I was talking to him on the phone the other day (yes, that’s how I get most of my interaction with him right now), and did something he thought was funny. “Dad,” he said, “you’re a goofball!”

“WHAT???” I replied, trying to sound shocked that he had called me such a name.

“Goofball. G-O-O-F-B-A-L-L, GOOFBALL!”

I’m trying to decide what it means when your child starts not just calling you names, but spelling them as well. I’m a bit worried about what this portends. Heaven help us all if MaryBeth somehow managed to give birth to an underage English major.

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flemmanog wrote:
Rick - this is about the best thing we could have right now. Aren is funny but you are hilarious. I hoped I spelled that right considering Aren is a master speller. Thanks Rick!
05/10 05:56:07

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