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10/04/05 08:32:00 - Update

So, of course, nothing goes quite as planned or quite on schedule.
Aren made it to D.C. right on time, but as they started running more tests, they found more infections. First it was fluid in the lungs, then in the ears. They admitted him to find out more about the lung issues, and took care of his ears in the process. So, for the first time ever, Aren had no ear infection. Hooray for modern medicine. But, since he had those infections, the transplant date was put off until Labor Day weekend.

I went out for a vacation over labor day, expecting to see him admitted the day before I left. Silly me. Of course, the pulmonologist found more fluid and decided to keep him out a bit longer. The new plan was to admit him in early October.

On September 27th, Aren went into the clinic for an update of the game plan. Lo and behold, they decided that they couldn't just wait for Aren to be 100% healthy. So they admitted him the next day in order to clear up his lungs prior to chemo.

Yesterday (October 3rd), Aren had his central line implanted, and he started Chemotherapy today. The date for the actual transplant will be October 13th or something like that. So, now it's all watching and waiting. My favorite.

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