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10/10/05 12:30:00 - Physical Therapy

Aren's physical therapist is Miss Kate. Aren just adores her; we’re convinced that it’s at least partly because she’s built like a ballet dancer.
Miss Kate

Today she came with Miss Katherine. Aren played with them for about 30 minutes and laughed the entire time. Most of the time they played a game which most closely resembles “Calvinball,” from the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”, in which the only rule is that you make up the rules as you go along.

It vaguely resembled basketball – in fact, that’s what they called it, too. Aren and Katherine took turns making hoops with their arms. Instead of throwing a ball through those hoops, however, they rotated through various stuffed animals, beginning with a dog Aren named “Travis”. Apparently the scoring system is very flexible. Aren made the first shot, for two points. His next shot was a three-pointer, even though as far as I could tell, it was exactly the same in every way as the first shot. His next basket brought his lead from 5 – 0 to 205 – 0. It had been quite a shut out thus far in the game, especially because every time Katherine took a shot, Aren’s basket would somehow shut. Sometimes it would move, too, but usually it just . The final score was 3,205 to 0, Aren’s final basket being worth a whopping 3,000 points.

You know, it’s interesting the things 5-year olds can get away with. Had he been, say 10 years older, he would have been considered a jerk. Had he been 20 or 30 years older… well, those kind of self-serving exclusionary games in the adult world are strictly reserved for the lowest of the low, the most selfish elements of society – CEOs and politicians.

But since he’s only five, everyone thought it was hilarious, and everyone in the room laughed (or at least smiled very broadly) for the entire half hour. The only time Aren had any problem was towards the beginning, when he suddenly decided that he needed to change his clothes – immediately. I think that he was somehow embarrassed to be entertaining two beautiful women while still wearing pull-ups, but I’m not sure. We tried to tell him that it was no big deal, but he wouldn’t listen and started getting very frustrated with us. MaryBeth finally got through to him. “Aren, do you want Miss Kate and Miss Katherine to see you naked while you change your clothes?” He didn’t complain any more after that.

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