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10/10/05 13:48:00 - Buying Happiness

I wasn’t the only one to cheer Aren up with video games. Uncle Ben and his family were in town from Georgia. Before he and Auntie Erika came to visit him, he asked Aren if there was anything he would like. Without hesitation, he answered, “Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness”.
This was the game he had decided he wanted me to bring him before he ran across the ad that implanted Ultimate Spider-man in his brain. After he saw that, Pokemon was relegated to “I want this for Christmas” level. But Uncle Ben changed all that.

When I got to the hospital he was already playing the game, though he happily put it aside for his precious Spider-man. In a lot of ways, though, Pokemon is actually better for him. There is a lot more strategy involved with this game than there is with most other games. It’s turn-based, and its controls aren’t as complex as most other games, which means he can think about what he wants to do rather than just having to push buttons as fast as he can and hope that it works. He seems to enjoy it more, too. Every time someone comes in and asks him what he’s playing, it’s never “GameCube” or just “Pokemon”. It’s “Pokemon XD: Gale of DARKNESS!” He’s always careful to put the proper dramatic inflection on the word “darkness”.

His vocabulary has increased quite a bit because of these games, too. He almost never refers to a “Bad guy.” Instead, it’s almost always a “foe”, an “enemy” or a “villain”. He’s also learning words such as purify, as in “Teddiursa isn’t dirty! It’s PURIFIED!” When he wins, his expressions range from (I’m not making these up) “YES!!! I defeated my opponent” to “SUCK ON THAT POKEMON!” I have no idea where he came up with that last one. Maybe MaryBeth does.

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Velda wrote:
LOL. I can just hear him now. Reminds me of the time we played "yugio uno" at Thanksgiving. I'm going to see if I can get my kids - er - summon my offspring - to come read these entries with me :)
11/10 14:08:24

kashichka wrote:
You need writing practice like I need a poke in the eye! However, thanks for keeping us all in the loop and entertaining us at the same time. You are so funny, and it is so good to hear that Aren is doing so well.

Mike and I wanted to buy him some happiness too. :) What else does Aren have on his wish list?

12/10 00:27:47

deltaairlines wrote:
Hi 2 all! nice work!
15/03 02:02:53

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