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10/16/05 09:32:45 - Aren Harper, Amateur Nutritionist

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...
"Hi, Aren, how are you doing?"

"Good, Miss Malki." Malki is one of Aren's favorite nurses. She has a great rapport with him and an even better one with us.

Miss Malki
"How is your tummy feeling?" For much of last week, Aren was feeling pretty nauseated and had no appetite. Once they stopped the chemo, however, he started feeling better pretty quickly. In order to prevent the doctors from needing to put a feeding tube down his throat via his nose, we've been encouraging him to eat as much as we can convince him to eat. This letting eat pretty much whatever he wants, which usually means a lot of pretzels and potato chips. But Malki decided to call him on his diet. "Aren, you need to eat less junk food."

"I'm not eating junk food," he explained, wiping potato chip crumbs from his face. "It has zero grams of sugar".

Most people might have given up after that, but not Malki. "Aren, how much fat do those potato chips have?" He refused to answer. He wouldn't even look at the bag. "It's still junk food, Aren."

"No, it isn't."

"Yes, it is."

"No, it isn't."

"Yes, it is."


I decided it was time to intervene. "Aren, it's not just sugar that makes it junk food. How much sodium does it have?"

"Ummm... 95 miligrams..." There, I have him. "...but that's only 4%!"

"Boy, Rick, you can't argue with that." Thanks, Malki.

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flemmanog wrote:
I like Aren's nutrition plan. You should market it.
16/10 19:50:03

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