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10/16/05 09:35:52 - Bathtime

Aren is in an excepitonally good mood today. He's so happy that his voice has been about a third higher than normal. He didn't wake up until about 9:00, and much to MaryBeth's delight, he said "Good morning" to her first. He immediately asked for breakfast, and while it was coming we gave him his bath.

Baths have been difficult for Aren ever since he got here. Part of that, I'm sure, is that he doesn't get a real bath, he has to get a sponge bath. Technically, he doesn't get a sponge bath, either, since we use washcloths, which he thinks are too "scratchy". We've been able to mitigate this a bit by using disposable washcloths -- very soft yet sturdy paper towels, essentially. Additionally, we don't let him change out of his pull-ups until he's done with his bath -- if he puts underwear on before his bath, we have to change it when it's done. It also helped today that I offered to set my timer for 5 minutes so it would be over quickly.

Today's bath was pretty uneventul, at least until the end, when we got another glimpse of Aren's sense of humor. As I was drying off, I started to stand up. The floor was pretty wet -- he had been standing on a towel throughout the process, rather than in the tub -- and I slipped. I didn't fall down, mind you, I just slipped and almost fell down.

Aren laughed until I thought he was going to fall over. When he was finally able to catch his breath, he gave me his appraisal of my wit. "Dad, you're hillarious. I had NO IDEA you were that funny!"

I guess I've discovered my life's work. Now I just need to find a bunch of five-year-olds and good health insurance to pay for the broken bones.

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Velda wrote:
What was it, the Dick VanDyke (??) show? Where the guy falls over about three times during the opening? Da-da-da-de-dum-de-da-da-(BOOM)... something along those lines. There's a market out there for it. Has he ever heard of the three stooges?
17/10 08:17:18

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