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10/21/05 09:41:33 - Aren's Hair. It's Ev-ry-where.

MaryBeth tells me that Aren has finally lost his hair. He’s actually really excited about it. Tuesday morning he woke up to find a lot of “white and brown” hair on his pillow, and he was really excited. When MaryBeth was giving him his sponge bath that day, every time she’d run the washcloth over his head, it would come away coated with hair. Aren’s eyes would light up as he’d exclaim, “DO IT AGAIN, MOM!”

It got to the point that all you’d need to do was look at him cross-eyed and hair would come out. Of course, Aren, being the clever little boy that he is, quickly figured out a fun little game. He puts both hands to his head and makes fists. Then he yells, “You guys are driving me CRAZY!” and yanks two handfuls of hair right out of his head. If only he knew how many times he’s made us want to do the same thing…

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Jen wrote:
that is so awesome! I'm glad that he's doing "happy". You're one lucky Daddy.
21/10 12:33:56

Velda wrote:
Okay it took me all morning to figure it out.. klondike kat? Mincemeat anyone?

And thanks for posting this story - mom was telling me about it yesterday. Aren is such a funny kid.
21/10 15:01:44

Kimberly wrote:
Hey!! I'm hoping to see some "bald" pictures!! Give Aren our love!!
23/10 18:47:55

Rick wrote:
Actually, I was thinking Dashboard Confessional...
02/01 22:38:54

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