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10/31/05 11:28:03 - Aren sans hair

MaryBeth sent this this morning via email. Isn't he a sweetie? Also I think Rick must be swamped but from what I hear the transplant so far seems to be taking really well. Thanks everyone for your prayers (And don't stop!) :)

Aren with no hair

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Kimberly wrote:
Aren!! You are one handsome little hunk!! You kind of remind me of Uncle John now that you have his kind of hairdo!! We sure love you and miss you!!!
Aunt Kimmy
31/10 13:09:59

Rick wrote:
Take it back, Kim. Aren's going to read this one day, and you're going to scar him for life.
01/11 07:43:33

delycho wrote:
Rick, didn't anyone ever teach you manners? That's something you think, not something you say out loud. Honestly!
01/11 08:57:16

Rick wrote:
I didn't say it out loud. I wrote it.
01/11 09:42:18

Kimberly wrote:
Weeeeellllll, I think he's pretty handsome without his hair, so Aren can just decide on how he feels with the comparison and deal with it!!! LOL!!! I love you Aren!! I'm so glad you go to go back to Nana's house!!
19/11 10:05:44

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