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10/04/05 10:37:19 - Irony

I wonder if God built paradox and irony into the world on purpose. Is it a method of teaching us that we canít always trust our first impressions, or just a cosmically twisted sense of humor?
The only way to save Arenís immune system is to completely destroy it and replace it with somebody elseís. In order to make him healthy, we have to make him sicker than he ever has been Ė or ever will be, God willing.

If we are to keep him alive, and keep his DNA active, we will replace it (or at least, the DNA found in his blood) with that of another person. The doctors say that ďas they recallĒ, the donor is a male. If his donor were female, however, the DNA in his blood would show an X and a Y chromosome, rather than a pair of X chromosomes. It sounds like it would be an interesting short story. The problem is that itís been done before Ė both on Law & Order and Twilight Zone. Oh well. I suppose that my paradoxical short story will have to wait for more irony.

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