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11/15/05 11:59:50 - NEW AND IMPROVED!!!

Okay, so there's not really anything new, right now, but we did finally get around to posting some pictures. They've all been added to previous postings, so if you want to see them, you'll need to dig through all the stuff you've already read... it's like a treasure hunt! Except that if anyone emails me asking for prize money, I'll just have to track them down and kick them in the head. How's that for a prize?

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Velda wrote:
Wow I'm starting to feel a bit like a toothbrush manufacturer.

YET ANOTHER new feature :) Two in fact! Three if you're getting technical.

So without further ado.. TADA! Previous and Next links at the top of all items (So you don't have to click back & forth)

AND.... Photos are now clickable. If the photo's actually bigger than what you're seeing squished into the blog page, click on it to see it full size! :)

Have fun. Post often. :)
16/11 23:15:03

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