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11/30/05 19:28:42 - Getting Closer

Aren's GVHD is responding quite well to the treatment, it seems. His skin looks great (no rash) and the diarreha that came with the transplant's attempted rejection of him is going away, too. The doctors are very happy with the progress that he's been making -- so happy, in fact, that they are letting Aren skip his usual Friday appointment. This will be the first time since he went into the hospital that he hasn't set up two appointments each week.

They also told MaryBeth yesterday that he is well on his way to being able to come home after Christmas. I'd like to say we're excited, but I don't think it's the right word. Usually it feels more like exhaustion. I imagine it's the same feeling a novice marathon runner gets at about mile 25. It's encouraging to know that it's almost over, sometimes even exhilarating. But mostly it's a feeling of complete fatigue. With us there is a bit of wariness mixed in, as well -- this definitely wouldn't be the first time we faced some kind of delay. We're very hopeful, though.

Okay, and maybe a bit excited, too.

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Velda wrote:
I only wish you guys were novices at all this. But, though I can imagine you're exhausted, it's got to be a sweet exhaustion knowing you're so close to being done. :) Keep fighting the good fight!
01/12 00:50:01

chaddo wrote:
Hey guys. Congratulations on the fantastic progress. That is really great news. Oh and Rick, I am totally hurt that you have not come to see me. Congratulations again guys. Talk to you soon.
01/12 09:02:30

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