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10/04/05 11:25:09 - Aren Quotes

You can always tell that something... ummm... interesting is going to come out of Aren's mouth when he starts with “Guess what”.
“Hey, Dad, guess what!” Here it comes, I thought. “They put in my central line yesterday. Do you know how they did it? The doctors JABBED A KNIFE IN MY NECK!” He sounded so excited about it, my first impulse was to make sure all sharp objects are locked up before he comes home.

He has quite an impressive grip on what’s going on, as well. He doesn't forget anything. As MaryBeth was telling me that they were getting ready to give him some more meds, she hesitated, trying to remember the name of the medicine. After about two seconds, Aren piped in. “Zofran! It helps me not throw up!”. MaryBeth says she's just not going to listen to the doctors anymore, since she's got Aren to fill her in on everything.

He’s so enthusiastic about everything, too – including his chemotherapy. “Hey Dad, guess what! The chemo’s KILLING MY IMMUNE SYSTEM! That’s cool!” Here’s hoping that attitude can stay for the next couple of weeks…

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