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12/01/05 16:10:00 - Hole

Part of the process of diagnosing GVHD is a skin biopsy. When the doctors explained this to MaryBeth on Tuesday, she imagined that they would take a rather rough implement (like a file), scratch a little skin and be done with it. She was wrong.
When they came into the room and put Emla on Aren’s arm. It was a little surprising, but not too worrisome. After all, we have been applying this topical anesthetic to the skin above Aren’s portacath for nearly two years now. It just numbs the skin enough to give shots, for example. No big deal.

The first sign of trouble was when the nurse brought in the shot that the Emla was preparing his skin for. It was another anesthetic – subcutaneous, this time, rather than topical. At first, MaryBeth wondered why they were giving him more pain-killing medicine. Then they gave him the shot. It was just like a trip to the dentist. Once the needle was inserted, it was wiggled around and re-inserted to put anesthetic in as many places as possible.

MaryBeth was getting concerned about all this work when the brought in the device that would be used to take the biopsy. It looked like some sort of ball-point pen that had gone to the Dark Side. They jabbed it into his arm and twisted. And twisted. And twisted. Finally they removed this hellish implement, along with a rather large chunk of skin. Not just dead skin from the surface, but an entire core sample of Aren’s dermis. Needless to say, he was rather upset.

All they could do at this point was to put a steri-strip over the gaping wound in his arm, explaining that it might grow back together before the dressing fell off, but probably not. This morning, it fell off, and Aren got to see his cool new not-quite-yet scar. True to form, he thought it was pretty cool.

“Uncle Randy, Guess what? Today I saw my HOLE!”

Randy stood for a while and blinked. Then he saw Aren’s injury and understood. “That’s great, Aren.”

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Velda wrote:
Ewww.... poor little guy! Sounds like the time I hole-punched my index finger :S
08/12 17:38:17

wfitzger wrote:
OK, as the person who twisted and twisted and twisted, I am feeling a little sheepish! Sorry Aren for the hole! Will you still remember Miss Wendy gave it to you when you show it to your girlfriend one day?
09/12 07:44:13

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