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12/08/05 16:11:40 - Aiming High

Things still seem to be pointing towards Aren being able to come home after Christmas. In preparation for this, we started looking for a new apartment. With the help of a friend, we were able to find a very nice place in our price range.
With all of the excitement, however has come a rather large pile of expenses. While it is very nice to have Aren out of the hospital, the down side is that we now have to pay for all of his medications. While a $15 co-pay may not seem like too much, once you multiply it by the fifteen prescriptions that need to be filled each month, it starts to add up to a rather large chunk of cash. That, of course, isn’t even factoring in office visit co-pays or rent (which we’ve not had to pay until this month, either).

Between rent and medical bills, we have decided that if we are going to make it at all, I would need to take a second job. The combination of flexibility and tips led me to moonlighting as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza. We’re hoping that an additional $50-$100 each week will help us pull through here.

Aren, however, is still trying to work all of this out. A few days ago, he approached MaryBeth with a thoughtful, if slightly puzzled, expression on his face.

“Okay, let me get this straight.”

MaryBeth took a couple of deep breaths.

“So, my dad found us a new house to live in?”


“And… I get to go home after Christmas?”



“Pretty much.”

Aren’s eyes got very wide. He jumped up, throwing his arms around MaryBeth. “It’s like all my dreams are coming true!”

Set your sights high, that’s what I always say.

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Velda wrote:
Loving it! You should forward this to your local paper and em.. drop hints that maybe people should tip the pizza man generously this Christmas ;-)

Does your insurance have a cap or anything to help out with the drug money? I guess if they did it'd have to start over in January anyway. That kinda sucks. But Merry Christmas anyway - it'll be great to have your little guy home :)
08/12 17:35:56

chaddo wrote:
Do you deliver to the Phoenix area? A good delivery guy is always hard to find.
09/12 07:42:40

Rick wrote:
We don't deliver to Phoenix yet, but once I get my private jet-copter I think it will widen our service area considerably.
09/12 08:52:48

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