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12/22/05 15:02:19 - Going Home... pt. II

The doctors have officially decided that Aren will be able to come home after Christmas. All the way home. We're very excited, and Aren is just about bouncing off the walls at the idea. No funny stories about it right now. I'll add a couple later.
Christmas pic

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Velda wrote:
HE LOOKS SO GOOD! Sorry to shout but DANG. I'm happy for you guys :)
22/12 17:22:31

Kimberly wrote:
YEE HAW!!!! I am so glad to hear this wonderful and long awaited news!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
22/12 22:34:08

glasgowaimee wrote:
Hi Aren! I hope you guys had a great Christmas and have a safe drive back to Arizona! If you need anything in Little Rock, just let me know--your friend, Aimee
26/12 18:14:41

chaddo wrote:
When is the big exodus back to the West?
29/12 06:49:25

NurseLori wrote:
Hi Aren (and family!!)!
Just wanted to let you know you've been in my thoughts. Glad to hear things seem to be going great -- I miss our chats @ night Aren! :)
03/01 05:18:53

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