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01/15/06 20:21:32 - NOTICE

Okay, I admit it. Iíve become horrible at keeping postings current. While Aren was in the hospital, it was pretty easy to post stuff all the time. I was constantly thinking that I needed to write often and document as much as I could because, frankly, none of us knew when Arenís situation would go from serious (which was pretty much all the time, I mean, he was having a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT, for cryiní out loud!) to very, very bad. Itís happened to us before, after all.
But now, Aren has been out of the hospital for nearly two and a half months and my posts first slowed to a trickle and then nearly stopped all together. Itís not that nothing amusing is going on with this kid, I mean, itís Aren, after all. I realized today, though, that because of precedent, I felt like I had a certain form to follow.

No more. This posting serves as official notice that, while I will always attempt to write in a more-or-less witty, clever, and even amusing manner, I hereby absolve myself of the responsibility, perceived or real, of tying everything I write about Aren to his Bone Marrow Transplant (or recovery from it) in some way, shape or form. In fact, a new category will be created on the blog called ďArenís TransplantĒ. Any and all transplant-related posts will be put there. The category ďArenĒ will contain amusing stories about him that arenít necessarily related to his transplant.

Now you know.

And hopefully, Youíll get some amusing stories soon.

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Rick wrote:
Wow. Almost one year later and I'm finally getting around to fixing that...
02/01 22:57:39

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