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01/16/06 11:11:46 - The Sound of Violence

Aren had been playing his Nintendo all day, and I knew that MaryBeth was getting really sick of it. So I decided to see if we could do something different, maybe more educational.

“Aren, let’s see what’s on TV!” Hey, he taught himself to read using Nintendo, who knows what he could learn from TV?

In an attempt to keep him from reflexively going to Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, I grabbed the remote control before he was even in the room and started looking for something good. Regardless of how MaryBeth felt, I personally have had enough “Codename: Kids Next Door” to last several lifetimes.

When I got to ESPN and saw that they were televising a sumo wrestling tournament, I stopped. I had never seen actual sumo wrestling before, so I felt obliged to watch, at least for a while. We’re all about expanding horizons at our house, and I thought that Aren could use something to balance out the endless re-screenings of “Pride and Prejudice” and “Phantom of the Opera” to which he has been subjected by the women he’s had to live with for the last six months.

“Aren, check it out! It’s SUMO WRESTLING!” The rules seemed pretty straightforward. Two very big guys faced each other in the ring and postured for a while, squatting and slapping their legs. Once the competition began, it became clear that, at least in this case, size really did matter. The entire event consisted of each wrestler trying to either pull, push or the other wrestler out of the ring. If you couldn’t get him out of the ring, you could get the other person to just fall down; that counted as a victory as well.

We all found ourselves oddly hooked pretty quickly. MaryBeth was even watching. I soon started to realize that I didn’t need to worry about Aren’s testosterone levels. He immediately picked one person, seemingly at random and cheer, not so much for that person, but against his opponent. In each of these fifteen second matches, as soon as it looked like the “bad guy” started to win, Aren started booing him very loudly. And he wouldn’t stop until the guy was off the screen. Then he’d start up again as soon as the replay came on. In addition to heckling the competition, he actually took the time to learn the competitors’ names, so he could say things like “Go, Stoyanov!” (Yes, the second-place medal went to a Bulgarian)

All too quickly, the sumo wrestling was over, but we were given another treat. The next event was a kickboxing tournament. MaryBeth & I watched for a bit, then had to go do some other stuff, so we left Aren to watch it for a bit longer. Suddenly we heard Aren yelling from the couch, bellowing at the top of his six-year-old lungs.

“KICK HIM! COME ON! KICK HIM!!!!!!” We stole a peek at him, sitting there on the couch, his pale scalp desperately trying to grow hair to cover the veins that were now pounding out through his forehead. Aren kept yelling like this for probably fifteen minutes straight before he decided that he just lacked the stamina to watch any more.

I guess it just goes to show that you can’t keep a fighter down, even with chemotherapy and chick flicks.

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Velda wrote:
Sweet. You know, you guys are the only people who save me from feeling bad about letting my kids watch too much tv and play too much nintendo. But hey, our kids are smarties so it can't have hurt them too much!
16/01 13:25:12

Velda wrote:
(PS, by 'our kids' I mean my kids AND your kids. Or you could interpret it to mean my kids are smarties - almost as smart as Aren..)
16/01 13:47:02

XHIM Mom wrote:
I'm another PID Mom and found your webpage address at one of the PID support groups I belong I just wanted to drop by and check out your story and introduce myself. I have 2 sons that also had a BMT last year for a PID called XHIM. You can read our story at Things are going well for us, and it sounds like for Aren also. I'll be back to check on him again!
Keeping you in my prayers,
Lisa Tatem
11/02 18:37:14

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