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04/10/05 21:07:00 - Aren's News

Aren had his central line implanted yesterday and started chemo today. So far, it hasn't made him very sick at all. Whether it's because it's early in the course or because they've been giving him Zofran to counteract the nausea, I don't know. They say he'll probably be the sickest in the few days immediately preceeding and following the transplant. So, assuming there are no infections, he'll probably be the sickest about the 18th or 19th. Hopefully he'll be able to keep his spirits up until then.

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Velda wrote:
Rick I screwed this up. I was trying to back-post comments from the old news site and accidentally marked this one as being much older than it was. Tried to guess the correct date but if you want to redo it you can. Thanks. -v
11/10 16:50:35

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