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06/15/06 09:11:07 - Episode I: The Journey Begins...

The day so far:

Bright & Early
0415: Time to get Aren up. Last night he specifically asked me to wake him up with a rubber alien squeaky chew toy that we bought for Cayenne on Aren’s insistence. (The dog doesn’t really like it, so it is, by default, Aren’s.) I have no idea where he got the idea, but that’s what he wanted to do. So I walked into his bedroom and started squeaking. After three or four squeaks, Aren woke abruptly – maybe too abruptly. He stumbled out of bed, and once he remembered how to walk, he turned towards the front door, still wearing nothing but a t-shirt and pull-ups.

“Woah, Aren! Are you all ready to go?” He nodded, his eyes as wide as only a child who has been surprised out of sleep can be. “Well, I think you need to take a shower first, don’t you?” He nodded again and we put him in the shower.

Playing with cars
0445: Aren was now dressed and ready to go, but MaryBeth and I still had some things to do, so we let him play his new Nintendo DS game, which is based on the movie “Cars”. He immediately sat down and started playing. We didn’t hear a word from him for the next 30 minutes.

Waiting for the plane
0525: We arrived at the Sierra Vista airport and began checking in. It was really weird checking in when there were only five other people preparing to board the plane, including the pilot and first officer. It’s also kind of weird walking in the front door of the airport and being able to see not just the ticket counter, but the baggage claim, the security checkpoint, the waiting area AND the airplane we would be traveling in, all right in front of you.

0605: We boarded our airplane. The pilot let us get on first, which was rather nice. He invited Aren to check out the cockpit, but Aren wasn’t terribly interested. (Part of me thinks that it was because he is ridiculously good at not talking to strangers. If we’re at the store and someone says “Hi”, he won’t do anything more than wave – even if he is physically holding my hand at the time.) The plane left at 0620, and we were on our way.

Phoenix Commuter terminal
0658: We land in Phoenix. Let me tell you, this is the way to travel! We made a trip that would ordinarily take us 3 ˝ hours in less than 40 minutes. Nice! Now we just have to wait for our next plane to leave – at 1055. Thank you, Sky Harbor Airport for free wireless internet!!!

0845: Last night we put some money in Aren’s wallet, just so he would be able to spend some of his “own money” So, Aren of course had to go spend some. He picked out an Arizona Cardinals T-Shirt (in honor of Kurt Warner, who will be hosting us on most of this trip). He also got a great little surprise for me. He walked up to me (as I was writing the last paragraph, in fact), with his hand behind his back.

“Aren, what’s that behind your back?”

“Nothing…” he said with the type of grin that really should make you worry… a lot. Then he sprung his little surprise. “DAD! IT’S A BUG!!!!” He whipped his hand from behind his back to produce a tiny scorpion preserved in a glass bubble. Nice.

Other Pics from this leg of the trip (click on thumbnail to view):
The scenery about five minutes after takeoff
(Arizona Mountains
A couple views of our airplane
Our plane
Our plane just before takeoff
The ENTIRE airplane -- if I backed up any more, I'd be in the cockpit!

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flemmanog wrote:
Tim is sad that he is missing out on the breakfast with Spiderman but is more excited for Aren. He wants all the details. For Father's Day I got him a "how to become a superhero book". See if Aren can get some other pointers. thanks
17/06 06:31:24

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