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06/27/06 23:22:04 - Procrastination

We’re back.

We’ve actually been home for about five days now, but I haven’t had a chance to write anything yet. Who am I kidding? I’ve had plenty of time, I’ve just been procrastinating. I just finished a time management class that had some interesting things to say about procrastination. Apparently, there are several reasons people procrastinate, including low motivation, avoidance of negative experiences, and overextension. None of those really apply too much to me, however. Low motivation usually indicates that you don’t see anything of worth to you personally in a task, and avoidance of negative experiences usually means that the task is inherently unpleasant to you. I enjoy writing, though. I love the excitement of finding out what I know and the challenge of communicating it well. So neither of those is it.

I might be able to plead overextension; between work, family and school, I have had little time to myself to just relax. It still falls a bit flat, however. While it is true that most of the time I “dedicate” to homework is spent with my laptop in front of me, the light coming from the LCD screen on my computer ends up being drowned out by the light from the TV, which “coincidentally” happens to be in the same line of sight as my notebook. So, if overextension were the only problem, I would just need to move to another room.

I finally did find a reason for procrastination that helped me understand the nature of this particular problem:


Stop laughing.

Seriously. Stop.

I know it will be difficult for those of you who have known me the longest to believe that I might be able to count Perfectionism among one of my “vices”, but hear me out. The more I thought about writing up this experience, the more exhausted I became. For one thing, there was so much to write about that I didn’t know where to start. We took 655 pictures, totaling nearly 696 megabytes; they only just fit on a single CD. We also captured nearly 4 hours worth of video – and we didn’t have the camcorder for the first or last days. This vacation lasted for eight very full days: two were spent traveling, five involved at least four hours at one of the Disney World parks with Kurt Warner, and one we spent as a family at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure Theme Park. How could I possibly write about this? Where would I start? Should I just go with a strictly chronologically-based report, or should I try to distill the trip into a few themes which I could treat seperately?

After wrestling with those questions, I realized that the underlying problem was the trip itself. To put it simply, it was very nearly perfect. It was probably the single most generous, beautiful and overwhelming gift that our family has been given – and we have been given some wonderful gifts. There were so many people involved in making it perfect that I don’t know if I could even mention them all (though I will try in other posts). From the volunteers at the Give Kids the World Village where we stayed to Give Kids the World’s corporate partners, to the founder of the village itself, we were amazed and humbled by the outpouring of kindness given not just to us but to sick children and their families from all over the world.

We were also stunned by the kindheartedness of Kurt Warner, his wife Brenda, his wonderful foundation and the incredible people who came along as part of the organization. We will be forever gladdened by the love shown to us by all of them.

See? I haven’t even begun to describe the trip, and I feel like I haven’t even done justice to the few things I have been able to put into words. All I can do is try my best and hope that it turns out well.

Please try to be patient; I'll have it done as soon as I can. Thanks.

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Velda wrote:
Rick, if it makes you feel better, the second I read that your problem was Perfectionism, I had to stop reading because I knew I'd have to stay up the rest of the night trying to compose the perfect comment on how I know EXACTLY what you're talking about.
29/06 17:58:42

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