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10/19/06 19:27:12 - Location

Over the nearly eight years that we’ve been married, MaryBeth and I have come to an understanding of what exactly makes our relationship as strong as it is. Our marriage is healthy because we spend huge amounts of time apart. Between basic training, the Olympics and Bosnia, we figured that we had actually spent nearly half of our wedded life apart, but it worked out well. I would leave, we would have a long-distance relationship, and because absence makes the heart grow fonder, when I came home, everything would be wonderful. For about 6-12 months. And then I would leave.

We thought that the pattern would be broken after I got out of the Guard, but then Aren and MaryBeth left for his transplant. Once again, they returned and everything was great. We’ve come to realize that we just need alone time, sometimes. It wasn’t much of a surprise when MaryBeth called me at work a few months ago and told me that she was going to Utah to visit her family. “And you’re not invited,” she added.

So, for the past week, she and Aren have been in the Salt Lake City area, alternating between my family and hers. They’ve had a great time, but today it was time to come back home.

They’re driving, so naturally I have to call every so often to see where they are and make sure that everything is OK. (I am my mother’s son, after all. This is the woman who almost didn’t let me go on a school overnight trip because she was afraid there might be an avalanche. Another time, she stayed awake half the night, waiting for me to come home before she remembered that I was in Bulgaria – and had been for the past six months.) The calls usually go something like this:

“Hey, how are you doing?”


“You haven’t crashed, then?”

“Nope, not yet.”

“Good. [Long pause, displaying my lack of telephone conversation skills.] So, ummm... where are you?”

As anyone who has been on a long road trip knows, that last question is often met by some hemming and hawing, and a vague reference to how long ago you last passed something that looked like civilization. Fortunately for MaryBeth, Aren was ready to jump in with the correct answer.

“Ummmm… it’s called the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!”

You know, it’s nice to be independent sometimes, but it will be even better to have them back.

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Premier Team International wrote:
This totally reminds me of the way my dad is! He always is calling to see if I'm alive. When I was growing up in northern Utah, we would joke about how we knew that Dad was about to call with a question five minutes after he left for the office (we were almost always right). Thanks for the article. It made my day.
05/02 17:33:22

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