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01/02/07 23:12:29 - Categories

In an effort to make the blog a bit more user-friendly (and at the webmaster's suggestion), I'm working on re-organizing the categories. So now, everything is grouped into chronological categories: Pre-transplant and Transplant are pretty self-explanatory: If it happened before he was admitted for transplant, it is Pre-Transplant. If it is after being admited but before he came back home to AZ, it is under Transplant. "Random Thoughts" are those posts that have less to do with Aren and are more to do with my own ruminations on whatever was going on that day. "Make-A-Wish" is from June of 2006, when we went to Disney World, and "Aren" and "Rick" are sort of the leftover categories -- each has to do more with one of us. "General" is for housekeeping (or is that web-keeping?) details such as this post.

While I was reassigning categories, I cleaned up a few of the posts and responded to some of the comments, too. So, whether you feel like a trip down memory lane or are visiting the site for the first time, I hope the new organization is more helpful to you.

Oh, and one more thing... we have noticed some slightly malicious traffic on the more interactive pages of the site. As a result, Velda set it up so that only registered users can vote for Karma or leave comments. You don't need to be registered to read, however. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone, but please feel free to register and leave your thoughts.



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Lisa Marie wrote:
What a touching entry and article about Aren's donor! It's great that you were able to connect.

Teary eyed,
Lisa Tatem ~ SCID group
11/01 13:14:10

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