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06/08/07 09:40:59 - Home Again...

Well, we're back. Apparently down here, they only keep mothers & children in the hospital for 25 hours, if there are no complications. And in this case, there were none, so we came home last night. I apologize for not posting that sooner; my brain is pretty much fried. So, if you want to reach us, give us a call! (If you don't have our #, just post a reply, and I'll email it to you.)

Thank you, everyone for all your support, past and continuing. You're great!

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Amy Walsh wrote:
Congratualations! Glad to hear everythng went well! I can't wait to hear all the details about her!
08/06 10:13:55

Zach Douros wrote:
oh my gosh guys i am so happy to hear about the birth. thats amazing to hear that things are going well. keep me updated on how things are and how things are going
21/06 16:33:15

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