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08/11/07 10:10:25 - Two Months Old

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Sorry I haven’t written in so long; it’s been a very busy summer. Tania had her 2 month appointment yesterday. She is now 23.5 inches and 11 lbs, 12 oz. Since she actually has an immune system, we were able to give her some vaccines yesterday, too. While we are very excited about protecting her from disease, she was considerably less enthusiastic – especially when it came time for her to actually get the shots. There were only 3, but they left her pretty sore for the rest of the day, so she didn’t sleep well for the rest of the day. She slept a lot better last night, but she’s still a bit out of sorts. If you click here, you can see a video I just took of MaryBeth trying to sing her to sleep, and her resisting with all her might. It’s kinda funny. Plus, I think we might be able to take the recording and sell it to a special effects company to use for squeaky haunted house doors…

Anyway, I've posted a few new pics here, too. So, just click "More"

Here are some more pics. She's kind of a cutie, I think...

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becky wrote:
she is SOOOOOO cute! oh my gosh! i miss you, when are you coming back to utah, better question, when am i moving to maryland? i'm going to visit in the year 2009! we have an east coast thing planned for our 5th. well.. ok ttyl
08/10 10:24:43

Velda wrote:
Hehe, mary just called her Baby Pa-Tania
10/12 19:08:15

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