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09/08/07 02:28:17 - Tania Laughs

Mmmm... fingers...
Okay, Iím up WAY too late. Itís almost 2:30 AM, and I have class tomorrow (more about that another time). The problem is that Iím still in a bit of pain from my surgery. So, when you hurt, what do you do? Take the meds the doctor gives you. Problem is that one of the meds I have is a generic equivalent of Valium. Makes me dead tired, but somehow, at the same time, makes me want to do stuff, too. Well, sometimes, anyway. And the quality of what is done when Iím under that influence is sometimes pretty questionable. If you donít believe me, check out the dťcor of the bathroom in my parentsí basement. I did all the wallpapering AND the molding after I got Valium after a car accident.

So really, I shouldnít be writing this at all, but Iím on a roll (I think) and wanted to throw this up there. A couple of nights ago (either the 4th or 5th Ė doesnít really matter), we were all able to witness Taniaís first laugh. And now, thanks to the mircales of our crusty old digital camera, Adobe Premeire Elements ô and YouTube, you will be able to, as well. Well, technically these are her 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th laughs, but they were all recorded within 2 minutes of her first. So, enjoy!

(Click here to see my baby laugh)

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Kimberly wrote:
Up waaaay to late or not, that video was totally awesome! I'm glad to be one of those who thinks your baby girl is adorable!!

Aunt Kimmy
13/09 19:44:40

flemmanog wrote:
Hey, that's how I used to suck my fingers. Way to go Tania - she must really clicked with her favorite Auntie was I was there for about five minutes in July!
09/11 06:03:27

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