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11/18/07 19:56:19 - Tania's Tongue, Aren's Tune

There’s not really anything new to report, today. Tania’s getting bigger by the second, but she’s driving us crazy. We think it’s just a very bad combination of teething and a cold, but she has been very crabby lately. Here’s hoping that she cuts those teeth soon!

I do have a new video of the kids. This one was supposed to just be Tania sticking out her tongue. Halfway through, however, Aren decided that it was time to sing us the song he had learned that day. Pay special attention to Aren’s comments after he finishes the tune. Enjoy.

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flemmanog wrote:
Did he really say, "That fat part reminds me of your fat butt"? Nice
19/11 16:01:00

Rick wrote:
Actually, it was "...your fat gut". Not that it's much better...
19/11 20:39:48

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