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07/22/05 16:07:00 - Donor Contacted

Well, the donor has been contacted and he/she has decided on the date of August 24 to go to a hospital and have the bone marrow harvested. So Aren will be admitted to the hospital some time around the 14th of August and the actual transplant will take place on the 25th. Wow. This actually works out really well for us because we planned on being in DC on the 6th and admitted on the 7th, but we're having problems getting all of Aren's lab work done prior to the transplant, so we'll be doing some here in Arizona and some in DC. Good times. Love you all.

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Rick wrote:
Clarification: MaryBeth actually wrote this. I just posted it. Just wanted to give credit where it's due.
02/01 22:04:55

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