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04/29/08 22:31:52 - Escape artist

The video speaks for itself.

Update -- I've re-posted the video. It's easier to see now.

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Velda wrote:
Awe - is there any way you can increase the contrast on the video? I can't quite see what's going on but I can guess from the wording. Would look awesome done in a contrasty/grainy black and white if you can pull it off!
30/04 07:24:55

Rick wrote:
Yeah, I'm working on that. The problem is that I took the video with our crappy 5-year-old camera that doesn't do well in anything less than full sunlight. I'll keep working on it, though...
30/04 15:06:10

Velda wrote:
Ah, I wish I could come down there and play with your movie editor. If its anything like photoshop (one could hope?) you should have some nifty contrast tools to fix this up perfectly. You'd have to switch to black and white, and it would turn out grainy, but it'd be perfect for this...
05/05 20:14:56

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