Aren and Lily
What you can do to help

Lily and her brother, Aren, have nearly eight years of combined medical bills, including fifteen hospital stays and monthly visits to a hemotology clinic for infusions to give them other people's antibodies to keep them alive. Aren is in the process of being screened for a stem cell transplant, to avoid an outcome similar to his younger sister. Your contributions are appreciated and will be used to pay for Lily's funeral expenses and for Lily and Aren's growing medical costs.

Special Thanks To:

Dr. Jesse Fox – Lily and Aren's pediatrician for over two years. When other doctors told Rick and MaryBeth that they were overreacting (regarding Lily and Aren's health) he took the time to listen and discover what the problems were. Lily's three years and Aren's life should be credited to him

Dr David Hill – Lily and Aren's ENT for over two years. He performed numerous surgeries to help correct problems caused by their inability to create the proper antibodies.

Dr. John Bohnsack – Immunologist at Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. He helped diagnose Lily and Aren's condition, and define treatments that could give them a chance for a normal life.

Dr. Shehab and Dr. Elliot – They were Lily's Infections Disease doctors at the University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona. They tried everything possible to save Lily's life. Even when they knew there was nothing left that they could do, they continued to visit her on a daily basis to give love and support to her and her family.

Thanks to the nursing staffs at: Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah; University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona; and the Sierra Vista Hospital, Sierra Vista, Arizona. They loved Lily and Aren as if they were their own children.

We would like to give a very special thanks to family and friends who have been involved with Lily and Aren. Your love and support have sustained us, even in the toughest times. You will always be remembered.