10/23/08 15:43:10 - Headlines

Iíve tried to keep this blog apolitical, and I think for the most part Iíve done a good job. (Thatís part of the reason I havenít written anything most of this year: I donít want to bore/annoy any of my five readers with my political opinions.) I just saw a headline, though, and felt the need to post it:

Actual AP Headline: McCain says Obama will 'say anything' to win

My first reaction was, ďThatís a hilarious statement coming from any politician.Ē The whole idea that one side is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth while the other does nothing but spew lies and venom is absolutely incredible. (If you donít believe me, check out www.factcheck.org, then tell me which side isnít at least exaggerating a bit lot.) It actually brought an old saying to mind. Itís not, however, the one about people living in glass houses throwing stones. The more I thought about it, the funnier it seemed, especially in the context of this yearís election. So, I submit Headlines I want to see:

Pot calls Kettle "black"

Outraged Kettle supporters demand apology for playing the "soot card"

Pot adds "er... wait, that's not what I meant! By 'black' I really mean 'evil!'"

Pot retracts statement again

Kettle: Pot "out of touch out of touch with American kitchen implements"

Pot running mate accuses press of dwelling on "verbiage", adding "Real America" knows that a Pot is better for stewing moose, anyway

Kettle: ďYou can put lipstick on a ladleÖĒ

Pot campaign claims umbrage: ďJust because sheís skinny and pretty doesnít mean sheís only good for serving soupĒ

Got more headline ideas? Post them here!

08/04/08 22:48:26 - 2008-08-04

So, it turns out that taking a nap from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM is not a good way to ensure a good nightís sleep. I canít honestly say that Iím terribly surprised by that bit of information, but it still got frustrating, laying in bed for over an hour trying to sleep but not being able to because my mind was racing. It is, however, a good way to help yourself stay up a bit later, during which time you can, say, write in the blog that you havenít even touched in over two months. So for all you out there who have been jonesing for some of my writing, it is your lucky day. Well, lucky that you get more, not that you are that desperate to read any of my drivel. Iím all stems and seeds. If you want the good stuff, you might try The New Yorker or even Wired. Both routinely have advertisements that are more interesting than my life. But, if you have some sort of sick addiction to my prose (much like craving Velveeta or Spam or melted Velveeta with chunks of Spam swimming in it), Iím glad to help you get your fix.
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06/09/08 11:46:11 - Thanks

For those of you who didnít know, we were evicted from our apartment last week. By a fire. (You can read the local paperís account here.)

For those of you who did know and have been trying to get more information, I apologize for not being as helpful as I probably could have been. As you might imagine, Iíve been rather busy the past few days.
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