04/15/05 16:28:00 - Relativity

I wonder if she realizes
That the place where she now is
Is as much more rich
And full
As the place where I now am
Is paler
And emptier.

04/15/05 16:27:00 - Lilies

The scent hangs heavily,
Sweetly in the air.
A pleasant aroma,
Lovely even,
Not ruined, but forever tinted in my mind,
Tainted by the fact
That the one perfume I long for –
The smell of my daughter’s hair
And breath
And skin –
Is gone.

04/15/05 16:27:00 - Better

All the people
Dozens of them in the profoundly perfumed room
Speaking in hushed tones with sympathetic eyes
“She’s in a better place, now.”
But my pain begs the question,
“What was so wrong about the place
Where she was
When she was with us?”

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