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So, it turns out that taking a nap from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM is not a good way to ensure a good nightís sleep. I canít honestly say that Iím terribly surprised by that bit of information, but it still got frustrating, laying in bed for over an hour trying to sleep but not being able to because my mind was racing. It is, however, a good way to help yourself stay up a bit later, during which time you can, say, write in the blog that you havenít even touched in over two months. So for all you out there who have been jonesing for some of my writing, it is your lucky day. Well, lucky that you get more, not that you are that desperate to read any of my drivel. Iím all stems and seeds. If you want the good stuff, you might try The New Yorker or even Wired. Both routinely have advertisements that are more interesting than my life. But, if you have some sort of sick addiction to my prose (much like craving Velveeta or Spam or melted Velveeta with chunks of Spam swimming in it), Iím glad to help you get your fix.
I am recovering well from my latest back surgery. Most of the nerve pain is either gone or is very easily controlled by my pain meds. I feel less pain now than I have in several months. I even got to go back to work today. I say ďgot toĒ, but to tell the truth, I was actually starting to enjoy spending time at home with MB, Aren and Tania. I really rather like my family. I know what some of you are thinking. ďIf you like staying home so much, why donít you see if you can screw your back up again?Ē The answer is that I donít like them that much. Now, if any of you know any billionaires that are looking for a way to get rid of a few million dollars, I would not be opposed to that, so feel free to drop my name as a worthy candidate.

Aren is starting 3rd grade tomorrow. This is a big step for him, because it means that he will actually have real textbooks. He will also have homework that will take more than 10 minutes to do each night. I can already hear the whining. It will be ever so lovely.

Tania is a very adventurous toddler. She routinely pushes chairs, ottomans and footstools as close as she can to things she has no business climbing on, then proceeds to climb on them. If her little rocking chair is anywhere near the piano, she will get on it then hoist herself onto the arm so she can see the keys as she bangs away on them. Did I mention that it is a rocking chair? She hasnít fallen off it yet, but Iím afraid itís only a matter of time. Speaking of falling, she took quite a spill at Back-To-School Night today. She decided to step off the sidewalk onto a patch of dirt, rocks and dry pine needles. It was only two or three inches down, but it proved to be too much for her sense of balance. She started to fall, but it looked like it would be all right because she immediately stretched out her hands to catch herself. The problem is that her hands couldnít catch her this time, so she tumbled right over them and onto her face. She was quite distraught, and I was a little concerned about the scratches on her nose (which were bleeding), but once she was in MBís arms with a sippy cup of milk in her hands, it was all better. It worked so well, in fact, that I think we should donate a bunch of sippy cups to the school nurse. Sandy will really appreciate it, I think.

Well, thatís about all I have to say. Iím actually starting to get tired, so Iím gonna sign off. Laters.

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