05/05/08 14:59:40 - Holiday Sales

I realize that here in the U.S., we've come to the point that we pretty much try to use any holiday to sell pretty much anything. That's why, apparently, the best way to remember those who have died for our country is to buy an SUV.

Even still, when I got this in my email, it struck me as a bit odd... that is, until I realized that nothing says "Viva Mexico" quite like a large hand-tossed Pepperoni, Salami and Italian Sausage pizza (extra cheese) -- with DEEPLY DISCOUNTED CHICKEN STRIPS!!!

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All roads lead to Rome -- Holidays, too!

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Velda wrote:
You know, if you threw in an accordian, 'Canto y No Llores' does sound like something that could be sung in a pizzaria.
05/05 19:59:15

Randon wrote:
Hey, if we are trying to please the diverse culture we lovingly accept in these here United States, let's slap a little mayo and corn on it for our asian friends!
20/05 13:50:04

Rick wrote:
My favorite was eggs in Bulgaria. Some places boiled and sliced them, while others just cracked it on top before putting it in the oven. It really wasn't too bad. Now the pizza made entirely of pickles, on the other hand, wasn't so good. Especially when we asked for tomato sauce, and they brought out what looked like two or three tomatoes thrown into a cuisinart for a few seconds. Not good.
20/05 18:59:38

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