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It's been three years since this website was created (by my wonderful sister -- THANKS!), and about 2 1/2 since it was set up in blog format. Since then, this side of the site was dedicated almost exclusively to my less-happy thoughts - those dealing with the death of my daughter.

Now, though, I find myself wanting to write about all kinds of other stuff. I'm also getting complaints from siblings that I haven't written in this side for over a year. So, I'm changing things up a little bit.

If I need to write about the kids, I'll continue to post it on the "To the Moon and Back" side of the site. After all, the very title of the site refers to how much I love them and how much they love each other. (Blah blah blah, we are a happy family.) But from now on, if I feel like writing about something -- anything -- and it doesn't relate to my little family, I'll post it over on this side of the page. The inagural post (about holiday sales) is below.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog. The five of you would be my best friends if you'd just reply to a post every now and then. If you ever have any suggestions on things I should comment on or ways I could improve my *ahem* "art," please let me know.

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Velda wrote:
Hehe, something in there reminded me a bit of Napoleon. "Whatever I feel like I wanna write. GOSH!" Its the way to go though. Blogging is alot more fun when you just write whatever.

I think nucleus has a neat little 'blog this' plugin you can use to instantly blog any text you have highlighted. I've been thinking of installing it for fun. You might give it a go too.
05/05 20:09:43

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