06/09/08 11:46:11 - Thanks

For those of you who didnít know, we were evicted from our apartment last week. By a fire. (You can read the local paperís account here.)

For those of you who did know and have been trying to get more information, I apologize for not being as helpful as I probably could have been. As you might imagine, Iíve been rather busy the past few days.

Iím working on a post that will describe exactly what happened, so youíll be able to get more details on that soon. Right now, though, I want to take a moment to thank all the people who came out of the woodwork to help us. Weíre now pretty much settled into our new place, though some work remains to be done. We managed to get through this without losing very much, thanks to the people from my work and from church who came together at a momentís notice to help us empty out the apartment. The things that we did lose have been (or will be) able to replace thanks to generous donations from friends and friends of friends.

Thank you all for everything youíve done, even if it was nothing more than sending us good thoughts or keeping us in your prayers.

On a related note, one of our neighbors was not so lucky. While everyone got out of the apartment safely, the only thing she was able to recover was her car keys. So, if you still would like to donate, let me know, and Iíll keep you posted.

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